MAN 1 Kubu Raya’s Birthday

MAN 1 Kubu Raya’s Birthday

In order to celebrate the 14th anniversary, MAN 1 Kubu Raya will hold various series of competitions. In this activity, MAN 1 Kubu Raya invited SMP/MTs throughout Kubu Raya Regency to participate in this event.

This event, which will be held for 4 days, will be enlivened with various competitions with the theme Semarak Milad which will be located in the courtyard of MAN 1 Kubu Raya. The highlight of the event will be a tumpeng rice cutting event and an art performance.

Siti Fadilah as a teacher who participated in the MAN 1 Kubu Raya anniversary committee explained that the committee had sent out invitations to officials in Kubu Raya to attend this event, such as the Head of the Kubu Raya Regency Ministry of Religion Office, the Head of Rasau Jaya District, and all madrasah heads in Rasau Jaya.

She said that the activity proposals have been submitted to various places, including BSI, PLN, BRI, and the council members of the Kubu Raya Regency DPRD. (XIIMIPA1G3)

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